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The Glitch rugs come from an exploration upon the alteration of two-dimensional patterns. A regular colour blocks design is digitally altered, resulting in a pixelated and glitchy arrangement, whose irregularities are further emphasized by the transposition process of the computer-made drawing into the actual hand-knotted rug.

Type          Hand-knotted - Premium Quality

Material    100 % Merino Wool 

Size           66 x 78 in ( 5.5ft x 6.5ft )

The Glitch series is the first collaboration between HATSU and Guglielmo Brambilla.

Guglielmo Brambilla (1991) is an Italian designer, experienced in the fields of accessories, furniture, lighting, and installations. Trained in Italy and Denmark, he worked for Nicholai Wiig Hansen, Philippe Malouin, Fabrica, and Bethan Laura Wood. His projects stem from research on materials and processes, and he is fascinated by the stories hidden in objects, by their power of transmitting knowledge, memories, and sensations in a tangible and long-lasting way. 


* Customize a rug in any shape, size, design, color and material as per your requirement. 


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