Rug Care

Type of Weave



20 months

Hand-tufted & Handloom

6 months


HATSU is happy to help with the repair and maintenance services of your rug.  

SHEDDING: New rugs tend to shed loose fibers as a part of their wearing process. It can be reduced by vacuuming the rug at a low power mode once/twice a week. If there are threads coming out, trim them with scissors instead of pulling them out. 

MARKS/CREASES: Rolling marks can disappear with routine vacuuming.

ODOUR: As rugs are shipped in a sealed bag, odours from dyes and fibers can accumulate over time. This odour will naturally dissipate over time when the rug is removed from its bag. You can also place the rug (back side up) in direct sunlight for 24 hours.

RUG WASHING: To preserve the sheen and beauty of your rug, we suggest deep cleaning your rugs every 12-18 months. Washing high-end Bamboo Silk & Merino Wool rugs frequently aren't advisable to maintain their quality. The rugs can be vacuum cleaned once/twice a week.

Certain rugs cannot be drycleaned at the rug cleaner due to their material and quality. It is advisable to ship it to us for upkeep. 

Terms and conditions:

  1. Material: Bamboo Silk

  2. Hand-knotted rugs only

  3. Valid only in India

  4. Logistic and service charges to be borne by the customer